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Head, neck and shoulders massage 

Is recommended for anyone who work daily with the body in the same position for example: office workers, lorry or van drivers where stress can lead to sore and stiff shoulders and headaches. This amazing treatment will help relieve these pains and tensions and relax the body, this will improve sleep and mood patterns with feeling of wellbeing,

Reflexology (foot massage)

This is a massage applying pressure to the knees and lower limbs helping to detoxify and sooth any "tired legs". It also improves hormone and nervous and digestive system while easing existing stiffness and pain in limb while helping circulation.

Sports Massage

This is a more intense version of Thai Traditional massage which shortens regeneration time after intense exertion improving physical shape in everyday movement, removing exhaustion, lowering confusion probability and encouraging faster strength recovery, relaxing and strengthening of stiff muscles. This treatment is highly recommended for anyone who are involved in sports activities or who enjoy a stronger massage.

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Couples massage

Treat your partner to one of our most advertised massage and enjoy the treatment together to celebrate that special occasion or it could be a surprise gift!

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